Norme sull'Antiriciclaggio

In in order to protect our traders funds, operates in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering laws and regulations. Our compliance department ensures that all submitted documentation required are up to date and are relevant in accordance to international standards. Traders are obligated to forward all documentation (filled and signed) related to identification/verification procedures to the Compliance department on within a time frame of (and not exceeding) 48 hours following the funding of their trading account. Documenti che devono essere prodotti:

Compliance - Prova di Identità
Copy of government issued ID or Passport*

The identification document must have a clear photo [1], the applicant\ The following documents will be accepted as an acceptable form of identification.

  • Copy of a Valid Unexpired Passport
  • Copy of a Valid Unexpired Driving License
  • Copy of a Valid Unexpired National Identity Card
Compliance - Proof Of Address
La copia delle bollette deve contenere nome completo e indirizzo**

The Proof of residence document must contain the applicant\
The document must be Current and valid and issued within the last 3 months.
The following documents will be accepted as an acceptable form of identification:

  • Copia di una fattura, come la bolletta del gas, del telefono o della luce.
  • Copy of a Recent Statement from a Recognized Bank
  • Copy of a Government-issued Document with Residential Address
Compliance - Proof Of Payment
Prova di pagamento delle bollette

For transactions made by Wire Transfer Copy of swift confirmation
For transaction made by credit or debit cards Copy of front and back sides of card In the front of the card you should have:

  • The Last 4 Digits
  • Nome del Cliente
  • The Expiration Date
  • * Copies must be clear and provide full ID (make sure no corners are cut off)
  • ** Le bollette non devono essere di età superiore a 6 mesi

Please send the documents listed above to [email protected] we consider Compliance policies of the utmost importance to the integrity and security of our brand and our clients. Please note that might require additional forms and documentation that may be needed to complete the application process.